Saturday, February 20, 2010


The baseboard was the next project. None of the house had baseboard (except the bathroom but it is the most awful blue!!) so we got to choose all new stuff. The bedroom baseboard had a simple, yet awesome design to it. And the baseboard for the living room and hallway we used just straight boards (I think they were 1 by 5s). It took like a million coats of paint to get them to match the wall color!!
In the spare bedroom, where the carpet meets the wood, there is quite a down step. It seemed to be a challenge with the baseboard, but I think Jered handled it just great. This picture is before we filled the nail holes and stuff, so it looks even better now!We liked the baseboard in the bedroom so much, we just bought some more to use in the spare bedroom. That will be a whole other project.....
Below is in the main bedroom.
This corner is right outside the bedroom in the hallway.
Below is coming out of the hallway into the living room.
This is the straight board toward the front door.

This is the same hallway one that goes into the living room. The wood trim goes around the hearth. The bottom of the hearth had a gap on the bottom (so it would have been even with the couple of layers of carpet that once resided in here), so we put some quarter-round around the bottom. It worked out okay, we are a little disappointed that it didn't match the floors better.
I am very proud of this project, even though I didn't do much myself after the painting. I love how it really brings the house together, I really had no idea how much it would until now. Now that all of the walls are painted and the baseboard is done, it will be easier to move more stuff in permanent positions.
Another project off the list......onto the spare bedroom!

Bedroom with Carpet

After the living room floors were done, we decided to tackle the main bedroom. The floors in there were nice, but I wanted to have some soft, warm carpet to put my feet on in the morning. The picture below is after we sanded the floors, and painted the trim and walls.
We used polyurethane and finished about three feet in, where you would first walk when you would enter the bedroom.
There was a strange little seam or something there, so we thought it would be a great place to start the carpet.
Then the padding came, and it was quite pretty.
Then the carpet came in. It looked quite brown when we were at the store, but it changed into a brown purple by the time it was installed. It took a few minutes to get used to, but we love it now. Where the carpet ended, we put a carpet reducer. It looks like wood, but I am pretty sure it is wood coated plastic or something.
And there you go, the carpet ends, there is a little walkway, and it is wood inside the closet. I love it!!
Daisy does too, there is a lot of wood flooring around, and she really likes something soft to lay on (since apparently her bed isn't soft enough).
As soon as the carpet was in, we moved the bed up. The basement was really fun for a week or so, but we were excited to get our room going and to begin feeling comfortable in our new space.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Morning Visitors

What a delightful sight to wake up to....A family of four deer grazing in our backyard. This picture is our through the bedroom window.
The two smaller ones were grazing on the other side of the green house. They sure were curious.

I finally scared them away by actually opening up the bedroom window to take pictures. They took off toward the neighbors, or so I thought.
Then we stepped outside the kitchen with our morning coffee, and they were in the front yard! They are quite enjoyable now, although I may something different this spring when we attempt to garden. I have a sneaking suspicion that they will like to eat everything that I want to plant. But until then, we will just enjoy the company of wildlife as we start to feel completely at home in Toledo.