Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Beavers At Work

Daisy and I were walking around my office around lunch time, when we came across a little tree that appeared to have been attacked by a beaver the previous night. There are many trees surrounding this one that have been nibbled on here and there, but this one looked like it was nibbled in determination.

This was the tree Wednesday, March 10th.
I went back to check on it on Thursday (even though it was pouring down rain) and it looked like there was a little bit of activity.
Friday afternoon (below) we went back to check it again. This time I thought it may be the last time; I expected the tree down on the ground (or drug away by beavers) by Monday. I was pretty excited that I got to capture this beaver at work.
We were pleasantly surprised when we went to check on it Monday!!!!
The beaver must have chewed and chewed with all of his might. Unfortunately, once the beaver got through the tree, the top of the tree hung up in the surrounding branches from other trees. All of that work..........and the tree didn't fall.
The picture below is from a different angle, you can really see how thin the connections are!
As of this afternoon, the tree still hasn't fallen down. I can only assume that the beaver has moved on to another tree.....but I am sure not very far.
Just another reason why I have the best office ever!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another happy ending with a hand-me-down dresser!

This dresser was graciously given to us by my mom. Before that, it was my dad's dad's piece of furniture. Not sure when it was painted, but the light teal had to go.

We learned from the wood flooring experience, that paint stripper can be wonderful if you use it right. So we thought first we would try that.

It worked pretty good. The plastic scrapper on the top left is the best thing ever. The plastic is better at being gentle with the wood. The edges of the scraper also keep from spilling the scrapped paint. I like it a lot better than putty knives, which is what we used during the flooring project.
The wood on the actual drawers didn't turn out to be the prettiest (plywood looking). So instead of spending a ton of time sanding each speck of paint off only to have average looking finished wood underneath, we decided to paint it.

We got new knobs at wal mart, and we decided on a round style to match the other dresser in our room. The color we matched with our window trim.
I am very happy with the way it turned out!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Strawberry Hill

Today we took a break from typical housework and went to the beach! It had been a long time...and the agates sure missed us!
We stopped south of Cape Perpetua at Strawberry Hill. There were seals lounging on the rocks, and people playing on the sand.

Not the most friendly beach access we have seen, but nothing we couldn't handle, even Daisy.
Jered started finding agates as soon as we hit the beach.
We found a beach with agates and tidepools, it doesn't get much better than this!

Found some crazy red rock.

Daisy was wet!

Daisy had to stop for break on the way back up.
Seals were still there when we left.
It was a really nice day to take a break from the house project. We found a chunky bag full of agates, and that seemed like a project in itself!

First Outdoor Plants for the House

Today we stopped by the rhododendron nursery in Waldport and picked up our first outdoor plants.
The two smaller ones are the same. They should have a light pink bloom that will fade into white.
The larger one should smell really good, and is also pink to start, and should gradually fade to white. Neither have bloomed yet for the spring, so we are really excited to see how they look.
Not sure where to plant them yet, but will figure it out soon if the weather stays like this!! Wonderful!