Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Death of a Fly

I guess I have never been known to keep a "super" clean office, but in the temporary office that I am working in now, I may have let my sloppiness get out of hand. All one would have to do is dust the window sill once a week, and I could have prevented this catastrophe.

A large spider web has developed on the slider part of my window sill. I have watched it develop over the last month or so, and each day decided to leave it how it was. Today, an especially annoying fly was wondering around my office, and amazingly enough, he flew into the spider web on my window sill, and he lay there helpless while the resident spider began to wrap the fly in the SPIDER WEB OF DEATH!! It made for a very dramatic day. I think I may clean my window sill on Monday.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008!!!

Early Christmas morning Jered and the twins thought it would be very interesting to check out Janelle and Austin's blog. I think there they are reading about frozen drinks!
After checking email, facebook, and a few other blogs, Gabe thought it would be nice to paint some more. His artistic side emerging throughout the morning.

Janna getting down to Gabe's level. Will he have hair like that someday??

After a fun and eventful Christmas early morning, it was time for some stocking exploration. Janna seemed to be very excited. She opened hers first.

I can't believe I cut off her hand! I will never remember what she got! Jered thought it was some pens, so I am going with that. All I really remember from the stocking unstuffing was the portable twister game, and I am pretty sure that was something that Eric got....so I am going to go with pens for Janna.

This whole time Grampa John and little Gabe are watching Janna with complete seriousness. How could portable twister be anything but completely serious though, so I can't blame them.
After a little munching for breakfast, Jered and I packed up our stuff and headed toward Logsden. The snow had melted considerably from the night before, but then had refrozen on the roads once again. We got a tiny bit of snowfall while passing Enchanted Forest (which I thought was totally appropriate) but other than that, the roads were pretty clear up until our turn off to Logsden Road. The snow covered the trees off in the distance.
It started snowing on us again over Nash Hill. Off to the left, right after the pavement starts again, there was a small pond with a crazy discoloration in it. We couldn't tell what was making the color difference, but after capturing it, we didn't stick around. Our bellies were growling again, and I was told there would be good eats up at grandma's house.

Weird and pretty, very appropriate for Christmas.We made it there just in time for my sister's wonderful breakfast burritos. They were fabulous!!
My mom loved them too!!
After some nourishment I thought I would be coherent enough to hand out some presents. I got Ashley a BPA free water bottle with survival stuff in it. She liked it, even though it was yellow so the water looked like pee :)
My mom, showing off her wonderful new makeup. She got a whole kit of it from her brother.
My dad is still upset because Obama was elected president, and because the economy is so bad..........
I made my mom the coolest calender, it was by far my most exciting present.
All the while Halo is in the background saying "hello," "peek-a-boo," and other such mumblings. Crazy bird.
Mom and Ashley made a super soup with shrimp and crab. They even 'almost' remembered to make some without any seafood in it for Jered. It was good, awesome because it is the only meat that Ashley eats, and I am not down with tofu dogs on Christmas. No way!
No, grandma did not get run over by a reindeer! She is giving one to Jered! Crazy, it didn't sing that song when you squeezed it, but "Jingle Bells" made more sense once I saw the bells on its forehead.
Jered is so willing to share his coffee with Ashley, she looks so cold with her giant scarf. She is scared to remove her scarf, in fear that her head will fall off. She will have her head glued to her shoulders after a few weeks back at Portland State. Good luck Ashley.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

We dropped Daisy off at my Mom's house on our way out to Salem to Esther and John's house. There was little snow clear up to Salem.
It did get a little slick once we got into Salem. I wanted to go to Costco and Sportsman's Warehouse. I would not recommend doing that on Christmas Eve.......

So we walk into John and Esther's house to see two of the most wonderful things.....babies and puppies!!!! Jamin was watching a puppy for the eve, and was going to sneak it over to his friends' daughter for a super surprising Christmas morning. What an exciting present! He was a boarder Collie/Blue healer mix. Cru was there too, and I jumped at the opportunity to take him outside to play (go to the bathroom). Typical winter wonderland, with a lot of super slippery ice. Now that I look back, I am pretty lucky that I didn't end up with more bruises.

There were a lot of large branches that had fallen under the weight of the snow/ice. Definitely what one would call "widow makers".

Gabe and Jered were still on the floor playing when we returned.

I left the leash on the floor for five minutes, and it wasn't half of that time that one of the babies found it and placed it in his mouth!

Jered and Gabe, sittin' by a tree.
With a P-A-I-N-T-B-R-U-S-H.
Oh, closeup of the puppy, what a cutie!!!
We went to the church across the street for a Christmas Eve celebration. After being in that warm church for an hour or so, Jered had to get re-bundled up to go back outside into the elements. He looks great in blue!
The Holm family, full of smiles, even though I am sure it is way past bedtime (for whom, not sure).
We got back to the house with only a few minutes left to spare for playing before it was time to open presents.
They seem to be very curious to what this package may contain.
I have a video of this very exciting event also, but a still is cute also!! The twins open the first present of the night!
And off they go to find another one!!!

The puppy ended up with Cru's chew toy for a minute, but was distracted by a baby, then Cru snuck back over and took the bone back. Cru then slipped Gabe five bucks.
Esther's dad, caring for the puppy once it became pooped out for the night. It is like he understands what it is like to be tired, how sweet. I had a hard time staying up much later than this last picture, but I managed for a little bit. It was an exciting, yet exciting Christmas Eve!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Party at Scott's House

Scott was having a little get together at his house, so we headed over there to see everyone. I hadn't seen Matt or Emily since they got back from Mexico, so I was very impressed to see their beautiful bronze skin. Kelly was excited too, I can tell....

We played a game called "Mexican train". I hadn't heard of it before I met this group, but it seems to me a necessary game to play every time we get together. I can't explain how the game works, way to complicated. Very fun though.
Scott on the left, Matt on the right. Ceiling is just as short as it looks.

Emily got a new sweater. Very nice.
Kelly, Aaron, and Emily
I can tell, Matt loves the game.
Kelly, not so sure.
Just kidding, she loves the game too.