Sunday, November 30, 2008

I love Mike Miller

I do think I may have a little crush on this park. The trail is perfect for Daisy, at least when it comes to the length. I am sure she would prefer that there was absolutely no roots or dips to watch out for. It is another beautiful sunny Sunday in November (3 out of 4?). I was just here a week or so ago, and I didn't notice the enormous conks on this snag. Another flashback to Mario Brothers.
I am still very much into the festive holiday orange. This mushroom matched perfectly.

No, this salamander was not just sitting there on the mushroom! I wish! I was like, "oh what a cute mushroom," and there he was, hiding very innocently underneath. Then I was like, " oh that would be so cute to get a picture of him on top of the mushroom!!!" The rest, I shall say, is history.....
Kinda looked like Madonna had lost her bra right here. That can't be right.

This was the first time Jered had been to Mike Miller, and he was determined to see every inch of it, even underneath. What a guy.

Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter

Tonight is supposed to be an especially special night. According to this article that I saw on the Internet, which therefore means that is has to be true, we are going to be able to see Venus and Jupiter really super close tonight. To make it even cooler, there will be a crescent moon around too. And it just so happened that this magical event was accompanied by a magnificent sunset.

I just know he thinks it's as beautiful as I do.

Her new food must be great, she can hardly hold still for a picture.
There it goes! The waves were pretty big, just engulfed the ball of fire like nothing, no regrets.

Goodnight star, now lets see some planets!

I can almost see the moon.....

There it is.

There they are! The one visible in this picture must be Venus, since it so much closer.

Amazingly enough, the best view was from my back yard.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

One Year Later.........

It has been about a year now since Jered and I started dating. Very special if you ask me, not so sure what he thinks. Maybe about as special as going to McDonald's, but I am not one to judge, right?

So, it's Friday night. We are having a couple of drinks, hanging out, and generally appreciating each other (of course, that is if you are asking me). Apparently, rum and coke gives me the french fry munchies, so off we go on a trek to Mickey D's. Wonderful, what a great idea.

The fries were eaten without incident, unless you count the overcoming craving that became of me after minutes of staring at a giant chicken nugget poster while chomping on my fries. I ended up with a 10 piece nugget, and I spat on marketers. They laughed back.

I shoved the last fry in my mouth, and wiped the excess salt and grease on my jeans, and got up to go to the bathroom. Although we don't smoke anymore, Jered found the need to wait for me outside. I walked out of the bathroom to see his lovely smiling face through the glass door, ready to walk me home. I still get so excited when he smiles like that, and I instinctively walk directly to the door closest to him, with a faster than normal pace so I can touch his lips sooner than later.

Well, they lock that door after a certain hour. BAM!!! Face plant, into the glass door, right next to Jered. Nice. He may have tried to hold in his laughter for a split second in an attempt to be a gentleman (such as the employees as well:), but there was no stopping the hilarity of the situation. Walking home was a little harder with my sore laughed out gut.

This is us a few months ago at the Sandbar, my favorite bar. I am not confident enough to call it "our" favorite bar, but I know he likes it too.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Santos growing up

He is growing up so fast! I really have to watch my mouth now, it only takes one time, and he can repeat exactly what I said.

New dog food for Daisy

Daisy has been having a lot of skin problems this year; it actually seems to get worse every year. I decided to finally break down and buy her some dog food that contains chicken as the main ingredient instead of corn. I know we are all going to feel better about it. It is called Purina One Senior dog food. I brought it home from the store, opened it up and threw some in her bowl. She doesn't usually eat in front of me, but she managed to mow down a whole bowl right at that moment. I am glad that she likes it!

That whole bowl was gone in a matter of minutes. Then she had plenty of energy to go and play on the beach.
I gave her a bath last weekend, so we have been playing on the sand sparingly this last week. After seven days (usually less) she stinks like she has never had a bath in her life, so the ocean water doesn't smell that bad relatively speaking.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve Sunset

Thanksgiving Eve was another beautiful day that I didn't go to work. It is almost December and I haven't done one single winter project that I planned in the summer when I couldn't justify doing something lame and inside when it was so beautiful outside. I feel like such a slacker. That is so funny that it sounds like I am complaining.

The clouds rolled in by evening, which in theory would keep some of the heat in for the night. Made for this wonderful sunset, down in between Don Davis Park, and the Elizabeth Inn.

I was kinda watching these people that were walking along the beach. They were strolling and talking. They stopped quite abruptly to pick up pieces of glass and other litter from a previous party. It was so sweet. I was lucky enough to be able to document this selfless act. They didn't have a bag to put the litter in, so when they were done they carried the beer bottles proudly down the beach, as if they were the ones that had had the fun. I couldn't tell what they did with the rest of the litter.

No more pelicans, just a seagull or two, or a million. Daisy appears board almost every time we stop walking. For a few moments here, she seemed to be enthralled with the lights in this sun set. I can't see her roll her eyes at me when she is facing that way though, so I don't know.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yaquina Bay....North Side

Another beautiful day off! I can't believe it. Daisy and I took a walk through Yaquina Bay State Park. I didn't check to make sure, but I don't think anyone has to pay to use those telescopes. Way to go, State Parks!
The bridge seemed to look especially beautiful today. Could it be that I have been unappreciative of this magnificent structure, and it is always this beautiful? Do I have optical ignorance disorder??

This "trail" in the park seems to end quite abruptly. I am glad that I wasn't totally engulfed in my photography.
I thought, "enough with the bridge already." I put away my camera and turned to start to climb back up the hill to the road, and a freakin bald eagle flew out of the trees over to the middle of the channel, apparently looking for some food. I couldn't believe that it took me this long before I got my camera out. Pathetic, I tell you.

It flew across the bay and landed in a tree on the South Jetty. I thought that if I hung around for a minute or two I would be able to see it dive for a fish or something. No such luck, but oh, the bridge looked so beautiful.......