Monday, March 30, 2009

Birds of Eckman Lake

Another evening of kayaking on Eckman Lake! It is one my favorite new things to do. Although we have paddled clear around the lake a few times now, it is still exciting to see all of the wildlife that the lake has to offer.

I am totally flabbergasted that these two nests are so close to one another! The one on the right, I think is an osprey nest. We saw it fly in with some more sticks, but I am not a birdologist, but I thought it was an osprey. Even if not, it is some sort of hawk thing. Then in the nest to the left, lives some little black bird (looks smaller than a crow). Little blackie just hangs around the nest and doesn't appear to be intimidated at all that there is a huge predatory bird just inches away! Nature is amazing.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Santos on the run!

Man, this kid just won't stop growing! He thinks he can fit into big people shoes now too. There used to be a baby gate right in front of where he is standing, but it retired just the day before when he figured out how to open it. So exciting! (Not really for the parents:)

At least he will still say "cheese" when I want a picture of him!

Being Eleven Isn't So Bad

It just so happened to be sunny the very next day, so we went out to experience what the world had to offer an eleven year old puppy!
That is sea foam, not slobber!

She was running around like she was five! Walking by, I wouldn't have guessed she was a day over six!

Daisy and Yaquina Head Lighthouse.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Daisy

Then it was Daisy's turn to have a birthday. She is now a ripe old eleven years old! That is 77 or 88 (can't remember) in dog years. Way older than my mom, who just turned 60!

It was really rainy on her birthday, so we spent most of the day inside. I don't think she minded. By that age, I think she is happy to just walk to the mail box and back. We saved the energy for a sunny day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!

We went to Canyon Way for Mom's birthday, (also her favorite place). We had a blast, and I think she did too!
Steven got her the coolest glasses! So appropriate for the day!

Ashley seemed to think it was annoying.....:)
Steven was surprised and angry.......
Just kidding, we were all super happy to be together. We all got home made cards from my mom for her birthday! That is the best thing ever, getting presents when it is not your birthday. SOMEONE may have gotten a new fancy apple computer that came with a card making program!!!!??

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eckman Lake

What a beautiful day for kayaking! I actually wasn't sure if it was or not, I had never been in a kayak before. I figured it was just a long skinny boat, so it would be super awesome. I love it when I am right!!

We have a lake less than a mile from my house, so before we took the kayak out in the river/bay, Jered wanted to start easy and boat around in the lake.

Spring time is so beautiful!

Found a dock in the middle of the lake we took a break at. It was very exciting, and not scary at all!

There was nutria and ducks all over the place! We came across some baby nutria, and for a second I thought they were muskrats. Baby things are always adorable, but alas, they are too fast for pictures! :(

What a wonderful sunset! My first kayaking experience was a blast!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life Lessons From The Beach

Life is a balancing act..... Watch where you step, there are puddles in the strangest places!Someone, or something is always watchingThere will be holes, even when the ground should be solid.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rain Camping

We had the most wonderful weekend, in the rain. We hadn't made it out to my mom's property since the middle of last summer. We set up the gazebo and never got to enjoy it, so even though it was raining, we were determined to get some use out of it. So we brought extra tarps......

We had enough wood to have a fire almost all day Saturday, and then built another Sunday morning. Jered is the greatest fire builder!
Our rain camp. It stayed pretty dry until we started getting sideways rain.

Daisy didn't like sitting under the tarps or in the gazebo, unless it wasn't raining. She is such a dork, but she looks so cute when she is soaking wet!

We found a giant dafodil field just before the end of the property. They were so beautiful. A little close to the neighbors for me though.

The fire on Sunday was just as good as the previous one!
And the tarps made it through the night (barely). It was really windy. We went for a walk down to a swimming hole, even though there was no way I was going to swim. We passed a pond with tons of lily pads everywhere. They are shaped like hearts, that is so romantic!

Then it started pouring again.
Crazy tumors on these trees.
The river was green yesterday. Now it is brown and mucky. Daisy won't even swim in it.
We saw a deer across from the lilypad pond on our way back to camp. I thought it was a donkey at first, but the professional let me know otherwise. He/she just stared at us forever.

Daisy was wondering what we were looking at. She had no idea the whole time.
Probably better anyway, she just would have barked at it and scared it away.

There she is again, just laying out in the rain.

We packed up Sunday afternoon, ready to head home. It was then that the sun decided to come out. Figures, but sure made for some good rain camping.