Saturday, July 25, 2009

Board Daisy

I think Daisy is board because we haven't been taking very many walks lately. With all the room that we have just around the house, there is plenty of walking space, so a hike just doesn't cross my mind like it did at previous houses.

Maybe she is just tired from lying out in the sun all day, since that is what a farm dog gets to do!! :) What a life.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sunflowers from the Saturday Market

Sunflowers are just beautiful.

Coolest Truck Ever!!

Today I got to pump gas in the coolest truck ever!
Sweet orange!!


My mom just got her parking lot paved! I looks just beautiful (for a parking lot), it is going to be hard to make the store much better looking ..........
So I think her job is done here........
Can't really see her big smile due to the reflection of the window, but yes, she is putting a "FOR SALE" sign up, implying that the Logsden Store is for sale! What a big step!! I am so proud of her for taking the first step toward retirement! Who knows how long it may take for the right person to see the sign (I am guessing years :) but I am confident it will happen! Congratulations and good luck mom!!!

No beach walk for me

We intended to go to the beach, but when we got there, it was blowing like 100 miles an hour. I don't think Daisy minded, but we stayed up high, over by Jump off Joes.

It must have been blowing so hard! It has created some crazy dunes!! This is looking south to Nye Beach, where at one time, almost every picture I posted was at that beach. Does not look appealing at all right now!
This picture is looking north, still not that appealing, but much more common. Agate Beach has always been a "duney" place in my mind.
After these pictures, we got back in the car and went back home to Siletz, where it was around 75 degrees with a cool breeze, SUPER sweet!

Fogged In

I got up very early Saturday morning to go salmon fishing. It was foggy when I woke up, and the same when I got into Newport.

The fog seemed high once at sea level, so Jerry and I continued out into the ocean, in great hopes that the fog would dissipate soon.
There was some tuna fishing tournament going on today too, so the marina was pretty packed with eager fisherman.

The fog continued to get worse the farther out toward the open ocean.
On the tip of the south jetty I spotted some Cormorants and a few Pelicans, including the one loner out on the point of the picture below. They were less than 50 feet away and I could barely see them. That really wasn't a good sign......
We didn't end up fishing very long at all. The wind was blowing pretty hard, and the fog was super dense. LAME, but fine. We took a nice trip up the river instead, and that was marvelous.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garden Update

The sun finally decided to come out after a rain filled weekend. It peeked through the trees as I walked down to the garden to check on the progress. And what progress it has been.......
The broccoli is growing so well! It seems as if every single seed has produced a healthy start. With the help of the landlord, there has been broccoli relocated all over the garden. We are going to have a lot of broccoli, which I think will be fine, and healthy for all of us.

The green onions are also growing very well. The ones closest in the picture are ones that I transplanted from the Waldport house, so although stunned, have managed to take on quite a nice size.
The carrots are just crazy!!!
The landlord has multiple raspberry bushes throughout. They are starting to ripen now, and I can't help but to eat a couple each time I visit the garden. They are so sweet and good!
I have decided I think that corn is a beautiful plant. They have been growing nicely too.
Crazy enough, those are actually peaches on a peach tree, in the garden at our house!! Our landlord turns out to be a professional peach grower, and it looks like all of his trees have a ton of fruit on them. I am so excited to eat peaches from our backyard! I am also excited about the plums, pears, cherries, and apples, but they aren't nearly as ripe yet.
Oh, I almost forgot about.....
The pumpkins!!!! Oh, they are huge, and are going to hopefully produce tons of pumpkins. That would be super fun, we could have a pumpkin carving party.....
Oh, the possibilities.
So the garden is going good so far!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Smile Santos

Santos has somehow (older siblings!) picked up the habit of telling people (especially me) to "shut up". Not cool, but he is still so cute when I bust out the camera! He forgets "shut up" and says "cheese" in a heartbeat.

Baby Braden

Janna finally brought her baby to the park today! Janna has worked with us forever, actually she started before I did, but anyway, she had a baby five weeks ago, and this is my first glimpse of him. His name is Braden, and he is just adorable.
I have to mention that she doesn't look too shabby herself! Go Janna!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th on the 5th

We completed our fourth float of the summer on the fifth day of July. As always, it was super beautiful (not always meaning sunny though). There were clouds in the sky as we arrived to our future campsite (mom's place), dropped off our vehicle and gear, then headed out to the road to catch a ride up into the gorge with my grandma.

We pushed off just below some rocky looking rapids. The clouds had not totally broken off; we were in for an overcast float.
The first half of the float had absolutely no houses. That was a welcome change of pace, although it is kinda fun to fantasize about the lives of people living in the awesome river homes.
It looked as if this tree was floating in mid air, I couldn't tell what was holding it up! There must be elves around.

We were very smart I think in getting out and walking by these rapids. Since the sun never did come out, I was not in the mood to get totally soaked and not have a change of clothes.
It may have done more than get me wet though!
This beautiful waterfall is right smack dab in the middle of Moonshine Park. We drove through the park on the 3rd, and it was packed to the brim with people. Today, as we float by, a loan father and daughter stand at the shore, casting their fishing poles.
What the heck is up with that rock??
Another beautiful waterfall. We drifted a little further, then set up the rest of camp. It rained a little throughout the night, but a great place to be on the fifth of July!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Camping

We spent the 4th getting ready to camp. The grass was almost 3 feet high, Jered worked hard to shorten the grass.
Daisy stayed close since she didn't like walking through the super tall hay.
It was hot, and she just wanted to sit in the shade.
Jered worked really hard making a "camping" area for us. I worked really hard to not lose control over my allergies. There was a lot of grass and pollen floating around.
We cleansed ourselves in the cool clean water after getting covered in sweat and grass. I hope the weather is this nice tomorrow!! We are planning another rafting trip, so I am hoping for great heat.
What a pretty view of moon. This is what I watched instead of fireworks for the evening. Jered had to go to work and attempt to make people abide by the crazy 10pm quite hours (on the 4th of July!!) so I got to finish setting up camp the way I wanted to. Mom came up and we built a very cute little fire.

What a happy, mellow, 4th of July! I could get used to this living in the country thing!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

"Alone" on the 3rd of July

It was quite amazing that we managed to find a secluded part of the river on the 3rd of July. Less than a mile down river, there is a campground packed to the brim with a ton of people. You couldn't pay me to hang out there when this was available for our enjoyment. We took my mom's dog, and he was a little loud, but other than that, it was a wonderful, relaxing day at the river.
It is amazing how warm the water has gotten over the past month. Even up this high (over 8 miles up river from our house) there was "barely" a sting from the cold as I jumped in the water. The dogs had a wonderful time chasing sticks and rocks. Lakoda (mom's dog) gets rather excited over rocks, and makes a moaning sound that made me very relieved that there was no one around, but I am sure he had tons of fun, and wore himself out in the process.
Really, it is only July 3rd; many more weeks of this to come!! Super exciting, and even accomplished on a day Jered had to be to work at 3PM.