Sunday, October 10, 2010

The deer saved us some apples!

We got back from our vacation very surprised to find that the deer had left us some apples! We gave the tree a couple of shakes and most of these below fell onto the ground where we could easily pick them up.
We have since been making applesauce like crazy people, but I have used every single canning jar that I can find (and even bought 24 more). The wheelbarrow is still half full, but I am very confidant that we will make good use of every single apple! No pies or crisps have been made yet, so that is still on the list!

Below the apple tree was covered with half eaten and wasp infested half apples. Since there is quite an erosion issue around the apple tree anyway, we decided to pick up all of the "rotten" apples and put them in the front yard. It ended up being five or so buckets full of bad apples!
They are kinda acting like they don't even care, but most of the apples were gone by the next morning.

1 comment:

  1. Your vacation pictures are awesome! Loved reading the recap!

    And the deer leaving you apples? BOOYAH!

    Also, I have jars for you (and a clock :) and will give to you next time I see you!!